A letter to Reasonstudios.

Do you think it is normal for version 12 to be released on day 1, on your website it seems that it does not exist? This is a direct consequence of your obsession with attracting the maximum number of subscribers, hiding reason 12 behind a veil of elitist secrecy.

I still expect good things from Reasonstudios, from Reason, specifically, in this version 12, with more and more doubts about future updates, because, also, for the sake of that subscriber obsession, you announce the Reason rack on the page as a VST that is also a DAW, when the logical, the intelligent, the vision of the future, would be to say that it is a DAW that is also, now, a great VST complement, if you will.

It gives the feeling that by changing hands, company name and policy, you have wanted to make a clean slate, to be in trend and all that, to be modern, to be in fashion with current trends, letting ourselves be carried away by graphics of Those that the posh like so much, instead of having sat down to think about the future of your company with a little head and, above all, heart.

When you wanted to realize the mistakes you are making today, it may be too late, and it means the end of Reason. I’m not making up anything, or being a catastrophist. I only talk about what I eat every day, in the forums of musicians, the main portal of electronic musicians in Spain, for example, Hispasonic, where in its forum dedicated to Reason, the vast majority of the participants (Less and less participants) They have been switching to other DAWs for a long time, partially or completely stopping using Reason.

I am not saying that the subscription model is not interesting to some, and is worth it. In my case, of course, no. First, because I am a Reason user since version 3, I have many Res purchased, and version 11 Suite.

Second, and above all, because no one really needs such a barrage of content. You can make good music with much less, and many times it is even better, more inspiring, to start with fewer production elements.

Without rejecting outright the argument that subscription models are part of the future, including that of the music computer industry, the truth is that you have lost your way in terms of how you are dealing with the matter, and the marketing you are carrying out. out for Reason 12 is astonishingly childish. And this is not my opinion alone.

In any case, if the upgrade price to 12 is consistent, that is, similar to that of previous updates, and despite the news that you have not improved a single thing in the sequencer, I think Mimic and Combinator 2, as well like being able to see the rack in high resolution, these are attractive enough to keep using Reason as my main musical tool, many times, almost always, my only musical tool. If I protest, it is because I have my own criteria, I think, I reason for myself, and I have serious doubts about the future of my favorite DAW, if you do not reconsider on several issues.